Plant Food A & B (2 Bottles)

Plant Food A & B (2 Bottles)

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šŸŒ±Plant Food A consists of nitrogen, soluble phosphorus pentoxide besides other permissible modulars for plants while Plant Food B contains calcium oxide and magnesium oxide which provides nutrients to the plants when all are combined together.

Fill the bottle of Plant Food A and Plant Food B with water and shake both bottles until the plant food totally dissolves. Pour 5ml each into 1 liter of clean water and mix them together. Then add this liqour into the planter's water tank, keeping the water level gently touching the bottom of the seedlings block. Depending on the plant's stage, these nutrients are needed in larger, smaller or trace amounts for the plant to stay healthy.


Plant Food A & BĀ Benefits

  • The plant food helps seeds to germinate, grow, fight off diseases and pests besides to reproduce
  • It also stimulates green leafy growth and promotes fruit and seed development


How To Get Started

Start with Lite Garden - 6 Pods

Start with Family Garden - 12 Pods



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