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If you live in a small home or condominium unit, then you realise that floor and counter space is at a premium. Having to manoeuvre the limited space with furniture, fittings and other household items,  you often find there is little to no room left to place any potted plants around. Besides, the harsh daily working pace leaves many of us with sapping energy and without much time to tend to our gardening hobby.
As a working professional, Vyvyan found herself in this predicament and when the Covid-19 pandemic erupted, she was basically working from home as travelling was restricted. This eventually led to her finding more time to tend to her tiny garden, discovering new gardening tips and enjoying nurturing the plants she grew at home.
She discovered that under the right light source and care, her plants were just like tender babies in a crib, ready to interact with her anytime and grow with glow - resulting in a soothing garden therapy which significantly reduced stress levels. Vyvyan subsequently innovated her methods to resolve the constraint of space and blend indoor gardening with her convenient, tiny self-contained, self-watering planters.
And this is how KIM GARDENS was born :
to share with you a smart way of gardening and the best products to grow indoor plants; helping you to build a tiny, coveted garden while at the same time combating your daily stress, promoting green living and reducing outdoor consumption. Whether you are looking to grow your own food, or just want the satisfaction of tending to something green, indoor gardening is truly a great pastime.
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