Lite Garden Seedlings Sponge X 12

Lite Garden Seedlings Sponge X 12

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For those who are concerned about sustainability and organics, sponges are a great way to start seeds growing and incorporate them into your hydroponics system. These hydroponic sponges are effectively used for seed germination. They are the ideal germination medium as they minimize root damage during transplanting and separation of seedlings. There are 6 seedling sponges provided in the Lite Garden planter package.

Lite Garden Seedlings Sponge Benefits

  • The sponge structure absorbs water
  • Each sponge is specially cut to allow easy germination of seeds
  • The sponge is made up of organic compost and doesn't break apart like soil due to a biodegradable binding material.


How To Get Started

Start with Lite Garden - 6 Pods

Start with Family Garden - 12 Pods



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