Bayam Merah (Spinach) Seed

Bayam Merah (Spinach) Seed

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Grow fresh Bayam Merah (Spinach) at home! 
Bayam is an excellent vegetable for stir-frying, boiling, steaming and sautéing. Because it cooks faster than the regular spinach, take care not to overcook it. The red Bayam’s color will bleed into any cooking liquid, so creative chefs love using the red colour to add a touch of flair to their dishes. However, if you don’t want the colour to seep into your dishes, you may want to cook it separately and adding to the main dish just before serving.

Bayam Merah (Spinach) benefits:

  • Vitamins – Like the Cai Xinand the Kai Lan, the Bayam is also rich in Vitamin A and C. Vitamin A is good for eye health and enhancing eyesight, and Vitamin C is known for building up your immune system. The Bayam is also rich in Folate, a water-soluble Vitamin B.
  • - Minerals – The Bayam also brings with it essential minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Zinc, Copper, and Manganese. These minerals are needed for the overall health of your body.

  •  - Others – Extremely high in Protein, the Bayam is a good choice for vegetarians, vegans, and especially gluten-intolerant consumers to get their daily requirement of protein. In traditional medicine, the Bayam is even used to treat dizziness and hypertension.


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