You Can Grow Your Own Food Without Any Land

Ever wish to grow your own food? Well, it can be a fun, rewarding experience although many may think it’s impossible without a land. Truth be told,  there are various ways to grow food if you stay in an apartment, a high-rise building or at a home without any land.

Here are some ways that you can consider :

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Grow Food In Your Kitchen

Start growing food right in your kitchen. Yes, you can actually grow food right at where you cook without  outdoor space. All you need is a jar or bag.  

Start with sprouts as they are really great for growing right in your kitchen.  


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Grow Greens On A Pot

Microgreens and baby salad greens can also be easily grown indoors on a window sill or on a  balcony.  

The best thing is that you can just place them on a sunny window and they are easy to grow on a pot and all year-round in any weather.

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Grow Food In Containers

Start some container gardening on the balcony, patio or even on the driveway.  The flowers, vegetables, herbs, and fruits add some colour and make great ornamental for the containers too. 

Grow Bags are a great choice for container gardening because they are made of breathable fabric which means superior drainage and aeration. You can even make your own grow bags.

Container gardening is certainly a great way to start growing food right where you are.

kim gardens grow hydroponically

Grow Food Hydroponically

Or you can consider growing your garden hydroponically, in water instead of soil.  Hydroponic kits are also a good option for beginners and the Kim Gardens hydroponic planter is a great start. 

Fully assembled with an in-built automatic watering system, you can basically start gardening right away.

Herbs, salads and even tomatoes can all be grown this way indoors and it saves you a lot of time and space.

kim gardens grow at roof top

Grow Food On A Rooftop

You can try growing veggies on a rooftop in pots, containers, or bags just like you would on a patio or deck. You can consider veggies that tolerate a lot of sun, such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, basil, thyme, and rosemary. 

Just remember to check with your housing association to make sure rooftop planters are allowed. 

kim gardens grow with neighbours

Grow Food At A Neighbour’s or Friend’s Garden

If you have a friendly neighbour, buddy or bff who doesn’t mind sharing some land space, grab the opportunity to plant some greens.

Some owners may appreciate a little payment while others are just happy if someone uses the plot of land.

Ask around and you might be amazed by who is willing to share the plot of land.

kim gardens grow with community

Grow Food In A Community Garden.

In some towns, community gardens are common and ideal for growing food. Community gardens are usually divided into several plots for use by individuals or groups. They may be run by nonprofits or local governments.

They are also great for beginners and the garden community may share tips and ideas about gardening with you too.


Let’s Get Started! As you can see, be it in hydroponic kits, container gardens on patios or rooftops, or a community garden, these are some of the options for growing your own food with no land.

Growing food without owning any land is definitely achievable and it’s fun! Grab your starter kits at Kim Gardens and share with us your growing speed!

Grow with Lite Garden (6 Pods)

Grow with Family Garden (12 Pods)

Happy gardening!

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