Reasons Why People Don’t Like Gardening

While some people are instantly attracted to gardening, others may resist or be reluctant due to several reasons.  So, what are the underlying reasons why people don’t like gardening?

 Reasons Why People Don’t Like Gardening


Reason 1 : Time

no time and lack of time

The first reason is time constraints. It takes time to start a garden, and to continue to care for it.  Many feel that it is frustrating to invest time in a garden yet the crops or seeds sown do not turn out in the result they wanted. To many, this is a luxury that they do not have especially in this face paced world.

Reason 2 : Lack of Knowledge

lack of knowledge of gardening

The second is lack of knowledge and information.  While it’s nice and refreshing to be surrounded by leafy greenery and beautiful flowers, there is still a need for experience in nurturing these gardens. There is often a mismatch and gap between what potential gardeners need to know, and what knowledge and information available that they could get. 

Reason 3 : Space

lack of space for gardening

The third reason is space.  While most urban dwellers may like the idea of having some greenery around their living space, many believe that they lack the space due to living in very populated areas. As a result they are discouraged from finding alternative gardening methods.

Other reasons

However, time, information and space limitations may not be the only obstacles for potential gardeners. 

One may think that there is no need to garden considering that the current food supply is adequate, cheap and convenient to purchase. Others may feel that gardens are not always pretty or messy and that it also requires a certain level of physical fitness to tend to a garden.

There is also a perception that one needs money to set up a garden. The fear of planting a garden, spending all the money, doing all that work, and the garden dies? Well, if these reasons are mainly why you are not starting your own garden, we are proud to share a way to allay them and make gardening enjoyable and become a hobby.

Check out Kim Gardens hydroponics kits which are basically “plug and play” planters that allow you to grow your own indoor garden with minimal space and even lesser time required.


Happy gardening!
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