Kim Gardens Experiment Story

Whether you live in a small apartment, or a large house, by introducing certain plants into your home, you will start to notice improvements to your health, and overall happiness. An indoor garden can be your refuge from the outside world, and for many people it is a source of great joy.

The Kim Gardens story began when the Covid-19 pandemic erupted and its founder,  Vyvyan found herself confined to her home as travelling was restricted. To release stress, she started planting and eventually developed a small garden of plants. As she tended to her garden, she began experimenting, mixing and measuring along the way and soon discovered new gardening tips and how to blend the right source of light for the plants to glow and grow healthily.

Kim Gardens Experiment Story

The enterprising Vyvyan came to realise there were many others with the same predicament who yearned to experience the same therapeutic gardening benefits. Over time, she innovated her methods and subsequently resolved the constraint of space and blended indoor gardening with her own brand of convenient indoor planters “Kim Gardens”, to serve the growing market demand.

Kim Gardens Experiment Story

The Kim Gardens planter is a tiny self-contained, self-watering hydroponic planter with its own lighting unit which is portable enough to be placed on a kitchen countertop or onto your working desk. The planter allows you to produce fresh herbs faster with no soil required and serves as your own personal kitchen garden. Kim Gardens planter is equipped with its own sun stimulating growth light and a self-watering tank. It is so convenient that all you literally have to do is to charge it and replenish the water supply weekly and watch the plant practically grow itself.


Vyvyan discovered that as well as enhancing your mood and creating a living space that is soothing to be in, an indoor garden diminishes loneliness and depression. Caring for a living plant gives one a sense of purpose and it is especially rewarding when you watch it bloom and blossom.

 Kim Gardens Experiment Story

Besides providing a sense of belonging and fulfillment, growing an indoor Kim Gardens  allows you to bond and spend quality time with your loved ones. As you plant and share gardening tips, you are also sharing memorable moments with each other; couples nurturing their “babies” and parents guiding their children to learn to care for a living thing.


Kim Gardens planters are small, convenient and easy to handle thus you can basically have multiple planters around your house or apartment. If you’re interested in creating a successful indoor garden for the beauty of colourful flowers or to grow produce for your kitchen needs, make it a hydroponics garden with Kim Gardens.

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