How To Make Your Home Staycation-Worthy

With the current pandemic situation, traveling is limited with many of us being confined to working (WFH) and staying at home. So, why not make staying home a relaxing experience with a few greens and smart decorating tweaks? Here are some tips to creating the ultimate space with some leafy greenery for a staycation that cater to your senses:

1. Bar trolley or cart garden

kim gardens cart garden

Create an indoor garden in your house or apartment with plants on a bar cart. It brightens the room atmosphere and adds life to the living space. Besides, the movable bar trolley or cart makes it easy to wheel plants to the kitchen or bathroom for pruning.

 2. Freshen up with indoor quality plants

kim gardens fresh up

Create a crisp and tranquil feeling throughout the year with houseplants that emit good air quality. Plants such as snake plant, spider plant, peach lily and aloe vera are ideal for the freshen-up feel.

 3. Botanically inspired Bathroom

kim gardens bath room

Who says you can’t green up your bathroom with houseplants? Besides brightening up the room, living houseplants boost the feel-good green feeling and add decorum to it. Choose plants that suit your bathroom space. Some ideas are like aloe vera, gardenia or the money tree.

 4. Soften Your Living Room

kim gardens living room

Create soft focal points for your living room besides adding style to it. Place a fern plant to give an extra boost to the stack of books beside the sofa, or a cheese plant by its side. Best thing is that both plants do not require a big budget or a large space.

5. Mini greenhouse

kim gardens mini green house

Make your home entry more interesting with your own indoor greenhouse. Place it near your front door as a pleasing sight to welcome you.

 6. Decorate with vases

kim gardens table vase

A few leafy stems or branches will bring Mother Nature indoors. Place them in clear, glass vases at designated spots to display fresh greenery around your home. Mother nature will certainly delight and nurture the atmosphere.

7. Pair Your Wall Art With Plants


kim gardens decorationA houseplant like a peach lily or orchid can beautify a space for many years. Pairing the shade loving and flower plant with a wall art blends color and pattern to your living room.

 8. Hang Your Plants Up

kim gardens hang up plant

Here’s another idea. Instead of filling your wall with photos or art, display them with hanging greenery instead. All you need to do is to use some cords to suspend a selection of plants.

9. Indoor Herb Garden

kim gardens indoor herbs garden

Growing your own herbs indoors is an efficient way to green up a room, especially your kitchen area. Add some flavour to your cooking space with a mint plant on the left and a thyme plant on the right.

10.  Create a Plant Wall

kim gardens wall plant

Combine inexpensive fake plants that you can find at stores like IKEA with real plants from your own garden and create a plant wall. If you hate cleaning, do remember to select living greenery that does not shed lots of leaves!


There’s something instantly relaxing being in a home that flows with freshness and quality air. Rejuvenate yourself and create a calming experience at home with these simple green tweaks!


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Happy gardening!
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