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Kim Gardens is an indoor garden planter brand that promotes green living and reducing outdoor consumption. Dedicated to helping others build a tiny, coveted garden with the best plants to grow indoor, the brand’s indoor planters are integrated with sophisticated hydroponic systems where gardening is basically soil-less.

All Kim Gardens indoor planters come with a full spectrum LED growth light that stimulates as sunray, liquid plant nutrients and an indicator to remind you to replenish water and the nutrients. Aesthetically looking and designed to save space, all you need to do is to place your plant seeds into the pods, and just plug and play the planter.

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Kim Gardens currently offers two planters ; Family Garden planter which is ideal for those who wish to plant and harvest more and the Lite Garden planter for those who prefer to plant in smaller quantity.

We welcome influencers to promote Kim Gardens with us and share the goodness and therapeutic benefits of indoor gardening with others. Don’t miss out.

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