Focaccia Art Creation With Your Harvest

Focaccia are becoming a trend and they are blooming in kitchens across the world! Images of fresh veggie and herb adorned focaccia are sprouting on social media and baking enthusiasts are feeling inspired to create colour focaccia landscapes of their own.

So what is focaccia art?

Well, simply put, focaccia art is a new trend where you decorate focaccia fresh vegetables and herbs to make beautiful edible art!

kim gardens focaccia art

The best thing about focaccia art is that you can basically use all types of ingredients to decorate your bread art so get creative.

Some recipe are

  • Red onions – thinly sliced to look like flowers
  • Mini bell Peppers – sliced vertically (so they stay round) to look like small flowers or sliced horizontally (in strips) to make big sunflowers
  • Chives  – Make great flower stems
  • Green Onions –  Also make great flower stems or seaweed
  • Parsley – Perfect for leaves
  • Basil – Also great for leaves or seaweed
  • Cherry Tomatoes – Flower stems or flower pods
  • Olives – Rocks or centers of flowers
  • Capers – Seed pods
  • Rosemary or thyme – Small plants
  • Pepperoni –  Animal shapes
  • Sausage – Flower centers or seed pods
  • Shredded Parmesan – Sand or dirt
  • Tomatoes – shape them into roses


kim gardens focaccia kim gardens focaccia kim gardens focaccia

Besides, with the world in quarantine, why not fill your days with fun projects to keep yourself busy?

Join in and hop onto the bandwagon and share you own focaccia creations with #kimgardens on Instagram and Facebook!


Happy gardening!
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