Decor Up With Your Indoor Garden

Seeing greenery and nature help us feel more relaxed and calm, which in turn benefits our daily mood. Indoor plants are known to serve practical and aesthetic purposes that will enhance our lives. Here are some green living indoor garden decor ideas that you can mix with your surroundings.

Green Wall In The Living Hall  

kim gardens Green Wall In The Living Hall

If a bunch of planters placed on some stands look ordinary, why not try a living plant wall instead?

To achieve this modern, minimalist look of a green wall garden, use low-maintenance plants that can handle artificial light such as the flowing ivy. Tropical plants like orchids or ferns that will gradually cover the entire wall are also ideal.

Fresh Air Garden Bedroom

kim gardens Fresh Air Garden Bedroom

This clean minimalist design is just perfect for small spaces and provides clean air too.

If you don’t have much space in your bedroom, try installing a few floating shelves and place several lightweight pots with plants. Be pleasantly surprised as this will drastically improve the looks and air of your bedroom.

Green Indoor Shower Garden

kim gardens Green Indoor Shower Garden

Don’t let a bathroom just be a normal bathroom. Feel free to add ferns, mosses, or even air plants to this room to make it a fresh shower room!

This indoor garden design typically works for any space with no direct sunlight but plenty of bright light. Besides, for these plants to fully thrive, they only need a humid environment and a bit of light.

Simple Indoor Office Garden 

kim gardens Simple Indoor Office Garden

Place plants, especially those with broad leaves on your desk to regulate humidity and increase the levels of positiveness. Palms, aloe vera, peace lily, cacti and succulents are just a few  plants you can work with for your office indoor garden ideas. 

A tip is to go for plants that can wait around one to two weeks between watering since you don’t want weekends and vacations ruining your plants! 

A Forest Kitchen

kim gardens A Forest Kitchen

Who said kitchens are for herb gardens only? What’s stopping you from adding some ivy, ferns, or lettuce to spruce up your kitchen?

A great tip is to select plants that can withstand moisture and are a bit more resilient than the average if ventilation is minimal in the kitchen.

Mini Indoor Study Garden

kim gardens Mini Indoor Study Garden

Your study room doesn’t have to be boring. Be inspired with this mini indoor garden which is perfect for a cosy little study room you want to liven up a bit.

Want more vibrancy? Choose bright coloured plants for a well-lit study room.

Refreshing Indoor Herb Kitchen

kim gardens Refreshing Indoor Herb Kitchen

This amazing indoor herb garden design is perfect for a minimalist kitchen and very space-efficient.  Just place a stand against a bare wall that gets plenty of natural light and add your favorite herbs. You can choose annual plants like lavender, oregano, or basil for the fresh green feel.

So, which one is your favourite among our indoor garden ideas compilation? If you have ideas on how to decorate with plants, share them with us at and we’ll coin you and add on to the list.



Happy gardening!
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