Benefits of Hydroponic Indoor Gardening

While most of us dream of starting our own garden, this may be a challenge especially for those living in urban cities and apartment dwellers where space may not be in abundance for gardening activities. Besides, planting and growing a physical garden would require time and cost.

kim gardens Benefits of Hydroponic Indoor Gardening

Well, what if there’s a way that you can grow your own produce including fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables at a lesser cost and also from within the comfort of your homes? 

With Kim Gardens hydroponics indoor gardening planter, you can now do so and easily grow greens with the ease of fresh vegetables and fruits being always available for your cooking needs 365 day.

Here are some of the features :

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  • Self Watering and Fertilizing
    Kim Gardens planter’s hydroponic system functions by watering and delivering nutrients to the plants without the need for you to supervise them. Just fill the tank, and the garden planter will do all the work itself.
  • Convenient Control Panel
    The easy-to-view level display on the planter allows you to know when more water or plant food is needed in the system. This makes your plant monitoring process easier as there is also no water wasted with the help from the hydroponic system. 
  • Versatile Planter
    You can select to either grow vegetables or fruits on the gardening kit. All you need to do is to place the respective pods and switch on the kit. The planter has a built-in system that sets reminders to inform you if you require more water or plant nutrients for your indoor produce.
  • Advanced energy saving LED Lamp
    This lamp emits a natural light for the right amount of time that your plant needs for faster germination and plant growth. The adjustable LED lamp arm also allows you to set the height while it also automatically turns on and off when not in use. Besides, the hydroponics growing system requires very little energy to power thus helping you to save on electricity cost.
  • Grows 5X faster than Soil
    There is no need to get dirt everywhere as it’s soilless. The planter is equipped with water circulation irrigation, a self-sustaining system, and an advanced LED light technology that acts as a sunlight simulation light.  Just by using this system, you will be using a lot less water and your plants will grow much faster than average soil growth.


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