5 Easy Ways To Creating Your Summer Drinks

Our days are often filled with lots of sunshine and soaring temperatures and we tend to feel drained and be dehydrated easily.Therefore, during these hot days it is important that we drink plenty of liquids to keep our bodies hydrated. However, instead of just water, why not create some refreshing drinks for yourself during the hot summer Here are 5 simple healthy homemade drink ideas we simply love and compiled from recipe gurus for you.


kim gardens ice lemon tea

· 4 cups Water
· 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar
· 3 Lemons
· 6 Mint Sprigs

1. Pour water in a large jar/jug/pitcher.
2. Add sugar and freshly squeezed juice from 2 lemons.
3. Stir until the sugar has dissolved. Now add the mint sprigs and lemon slices (from 1 lemon).
4. Cover the jar/jug/pitcher with a lid or plastic wrap and place in the fridge for at least 2 hours.


  • Use filtered,  bottled water or sparkling water .
  • Wash the lemons thoroughly to remove any wax or any other dirt.
  • Each lemon contains a different amount of juice. If it’s too sour, add more sugar. If not, add more lemon.
  • The longer you keep the lemonade in the fridge the stronger the flavour.
  • After you finish all the lemonade, you don’t have to throw the sliced lemons and fresh mint away. Add water and store in the fridge for several hours and you will be ready to enjoy homemade mint lemon infused water.



kim gardens ice tea

· 8-10 Sprigs Fresh Mint , rinsed
· 1 Lemon
· Honey
· Ice Cubes
· 4 cups Water / 1 Liter

1. Place the mint sprigs in a large heatproof jug/pitcher.
2. Boil the water and pour it into the jug/pitcher. Let it steep for 30 minutes.
3. Once the water is warm (not hot) add in a tablespoon of honey and mix until the honey has dissolved.
4. Place the jug in your fridge to chill. Keep it in the fridge until you are ready to serve.
5. Right before serving, squeeze in some lemon juice (don’t put too much, maybe 1/4 of a lemon – taste it first before adding more) and mix well.


  • Serve with a few slices of lemon, mint leaves and ice.
  • The more ice you add the lighter the flavor.
  • Add more mints if you prefer a strong mint taste.
  • If you use dried mint to make this tea, you will achieve a darker color and stronger flavor.


kim gardens matcha

· 2 tablespoons of Matcha powder
· ¼ cup Hot Water
· 1 cup Crushed Ice
· 2 cups Cold Water 
· 3 Sprigs of Fresh Mint + Extra for Garnish
· 5 tablespoons of maple syrup / honey
· 1 Lime 

1. Put crushed ice, cold water and fresh mint in a food processor/blender.
2. In a mug, combine matcha powder with hot water and mix well.
3. Add maple syrup / honey and the juice from half of the lime.
4. Pour in the matcha tea in the blender. Blend it for about a minute.
5. Drain through a sieve.
6. Garnish with some mint leaves and a few slices of lime + some extra ice
  • To achieve the best taste use filtered or bottled water.
  • Add honey to the warm water at the very beginning as honey does not melt easily in cold water.
  • Lime can be substituted with lemon.
  • Add more maple syrup/ honey for a sweeter taste.
  • When you serve this drink right away, you might need to add some more ice. If not, chill in the fridge before serving.
  • Make sure to check if your food processor/blender/mixer can handle ice!


kim gardens orange infused

· 1 Large Orange
· 4 Basil Sprigs
· 2 Turmeric Roots (3 cm long)
· 4 cups Water (1 liter)

1. Wash and slice orange.
2. Peel and slice turmeric roots.
3. Fill a large jar with 4 cups of water, add orange slices, turmeric and basil.
4.  Cover with lid and chill in the fridge overnight.
5. Keep in the fridge before serving!


  • Basil is pretty fragrant and brings your infused summer drink to a different level.
  • The longer you keep the water in your fridge the stronger its taste.
  • Store your water in the fridge before serving.


kim gardens

· 1 Lemon
· 1 cup Fresh Strawberries
· 10 Mint Springs

1. Wash all the ingredients with clean or filtered water.
2. Slice the lemon and strawberries into small pieces.
3. Bruise mint leaves.
4. Place everything in a jug or glass bottle and pour water.
5. Chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours before serving.


  • Add extra mint leaves, lemon slices and strawberries to each glass right before serving. It looks prettier and more interesting.



Do you have your own concoction of summer recipe drinks? 
Share it with us and we’ll publish it in our next article.

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